Regional Transport officer
Collectorate Master Complex
Nagapattinam 611 003

The Motor vehicles Inspector
Regional Transport Office
Srinivasa Nagar
Regional Grievance 4362-227358 District Collectorate

Tourism Plays a Key Economy for the District even though Agriculture and Fishing are the Major ones. Shrines, Places of Hindu Faith, Mosques forms the Spritual Tourism for the district. Annual Festivals and functions marks glory of the Year. Heritages like Tarangam padi Fort, Poompuhar speaks of the rich civilization of this land.

One of the major economies of the District, Agriculture contributes a higher share of Rice Production in the State. We have raised so many important agricultural crop in our District. Rice, Groundnut, Pulses, Gingelly, Sugarcane and Cotton.

Transport Department

A good, safe and sustainable Transport system is fundamental to the well being of every citizen. It is essential for our economic growth. No economic development is possible without an efficient transport system. It is central to our lives. We are using road transport services when we travel to work, to school, to shop, to go on holiday and, more particularly, when we move essential commodities. Therefore an efficient system is essential. In this context, the role of transport Department assumes significance. The role of Transport Department does not end but putting come buses on the road. The Department has to co-ordinate, regulate, synchronize and integrate all modes of Transport ensure free, smooth, safe and regulated travel. The Department has to ensure road safety for which purpose check the fitness of vehicles, grant permits to commercial vehicles, grant driving license after assessing the competence of applicants to drive the vehicle safety and regulate bus fares for stage carriages, regulate movement of vehicles on road, check automobile pollution etc., To make the transport system efficient, co-operation of one and all is necessary. Besides, it is equally important that the general public are familiar with the procedure followed in the office of the Transport Department and vehicle owner/driver/conductor are aware of their duties and the rules and regulations governing road transport. This charter has been prepared against the above backdrop.

Duties and responsibilities of Transport vehicle owners
  1. Play only under a valid permit.
  2. Pay taxes /fees due to the department in time.
  3. Insure the vehicle.
  4. Get emissions level certificates and check excess emission of smoke frequently.
  5. Get fitness certificate on time; keep the vehicle in a trim condition.
  6. Behave courteously/politely.
  7. Employ qualified drivers.
  8. Have first aid kits in the vehicle. Do not use musical horns & dazzling lights.
  1. Respect traffic laws.
  2. Use pedestrian crossing, subways foot over bridge whenever necessary.
  3. Do not hang on the footboard while traveling.
A word for professional drivers
  1. Drive vehicle with valid driving licenses.
  2. Renew in time.
  3. Respect traffic laws.
  4. Do not overspend and overtake in bridge and curves.
  5. Do not use harns unnecessarily.
  6. Check the condition of the vehicle before use, particularly the brake.
  7. Don't park in non-parking zones.
who visit Transport Department for any service
  1. Apply in a proper application form
  2. Apply with necessary fee and documents.
  3. Meet and handover the application to the concerned official.
  4. Avoid touts and middlemen.
  5. Don't offer present and gifts to any member of the staff.
  6. To report to the higher and competent authority for remedies if needed.
  7. Not to interrupt the official duties of the staff.


Allotment of Registration Number

Registration numbers are allotted on the same day of Registration. The numbers are allotted by Random method. No preference / favoritism are possible in getting Registration number. To respect the feelings and sentiments, there is a provision under Rule 91 or TNMVR, number. “8” or totally “8” will not be allotted. Though the numbers are allotted serially, if one desires to get any particular number can reserve numbers, (Within thousand numbers from the starting number of that particular date by payment of required fee).

Statement of Registration Fees
Vehicle Capacity Amount
Motor cycle not exceeding 50cc 1000
Motor Cycle exceeding 50cc and three wheeler and Autoricksaw 2000
Other Vehicles if the cost of value of the Vehicle is less than 4 laks 10000
Vehicle cost if exceeds 4 laks 16000

However the Registering Authority cannot allot the following numbers which are reserved Government. (96 Nos) 1, 2, 3, 4 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 81, 88, 99, 100, 101, 123, 222, 234, 333, 345, 444, 456, 555, 567, 666, 678, 777, 786, 789, 888, 999, 1000, 1001, 1212, 1234, 1990, 2000, 2002, 2020, 2222, 2345, 2525, 2626, 2727, 2728, 3000, 3003, 3030, 3333, 3456, 4000, 4004, 4040, 4444, 4567, 4777, 5000, 6006, 6060, 6666, 6789, 7000, 7007, 7070, 7171, 7172, 7337, 7575, 7576, 7777, 8000, 8118, 8181, 8448, 8484, 8586, 8888, 9000, 9009, 9090, 9191, 9197, 9779, 9797, 9999

For allotment of this numbers, permission from Government that is Letter from Home Department is required The stating number can be viewed thro’ this Department website.


Driving License Details

No person shall drive a motor vehicle in any public place unless he holds as effective driving license. The procedures of obtaining Driving License. [Consent of the parent / Guardians is also required]

Two Wheeler & LMV
18 Years
Transport Vehicle
20 Years
Two Wheeler with engine Capacity not exceeding 50cc
16 Years

Learner licence
  1. Learner License shall be obtained, on completion of 18 years to drive motor cycle exceeding 50cc and LMV and 16 years to drive motor cycle not exceeding 50cc. The Learner License is valid for six months. Generally the LLR is not renewable. One can appear for driving Test after 30 days from the date of issue of LLR. Accompanied by Age proof and address proof and photos.
  2. 1A is not required for persons less than 40 years. LLR will be issued to successful candidates, who have passed preliminary Test conducted through computers. Signals, signs and traffic Rule is the subject matter of the test
  3. After 30 days of the issue of LLR but within the validity of LLR. One can appear for driving Test to obtain permanent License. After qualifying the skill test – test of proficiency in driving license will issued on the same day itself.
  4. Forms and document required
    1. Form-3
    2. Form 4.
  5. LLR already issued by the concerned Regional Transport Office.
  6. Other enclosures
    1. RC book
    2. Insurance certificate
    3. Pollution Certificate
    4. If the vehicle is not owned by the candidate in that case, Letter of authorization from the Registered owner.

There is no separate chellan. for remittance of fee. The fee can be remitted at this office cash counters from 10 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

LLR Single Class 30+30
Double Class(M/cy & LMV) 60+30
Driving License Single Class 350
Double Class 400
Validity of License:

20 Years or up to 50 years whichever is less. On completion of Age 50 – the license will be renewed for every 5 years.

Renewal of License
  1. private vehicle

    Every License shall be renewable either 30 days prior to its expiry or within 30 days from its expiry. Thereafter a belated fee or Rs.50/- will be leaned for each year or part thereof.Forms required:

    1. Form – 9
    2. Form I, IA.
    Licenses to drive Transport vehicle is valid for 3 years and thereafter the license will be renewed for every 3 years

  2. commercial vehicle

    For driving Transport Vehicle – Vehicle used for public service – obtaining Driving Badge is compulsory. 8th standard pass is the minimum qualification for obtaining Badges. and should complete 20 years. Requirements of obtaining of Badge

    1. Form LTVA
    2. Police Certificate
    3. Form 15 issued by driving school
    4. Fee payable Rs. 350

Road Safety Guidelines


Right from the historic times roads have been an integral part of human beings. The importances of roads have increased with development of civilization and increase in the number of vehicles. However, in recent times we find that the numbers of road accidents are increasing causing severe loss of life and property. Hence, there is an urgent need to educate road users to avoid accidents. In this leaflet, some important tips on road safety are given for observation by all road users.

  • Drive only if you are competent enough
  • A Person must drive vehicles only if he is competent enough to d rive it.
  • Drive only if you are a competent driver with a valid license.
  • If you are not competent enough, then learn driving in an authorized driving training school.
  • Learn driving on roads only during morning hours when traffic is low and never during busy hours.
Be Familiar with Road Markings.

For smooth movement and disciplined traffic, some roads are provided with different markings of which you should be aware. These markings are done in white and yellow colors. So, be aware of these markings:

Road Dividing Lines:
  • These markings are done to divide a road, not divided by elevated dividers, into two parts.
  • These are marked sometimes by single yellow lines and sometimes by double yellow lines in the centre of the road.
  • As per rule, you should always drive in the left side of the road.
Land Markings:
  • These markings are done by white dotted lines and divide the road or part of the road in different lanes.
  • Stick to your land and change it only as per rules.
Stop Lines:
  • These lines are marked in white before traffic lights and zebra crossings.
  • Always stop before the stop line if the light is yellow or red.

Turning Lines:
  • These lines in arrow form and painted in white indicate left or right turn or straight drive.

Lane Driving for Safety

The best way to be safe on the roads
  • Stick to your lane.
  • Wherever available, bicycle riders and pedestrians should use bicycle tracks and foot paths.
  • On multi-lane roads there are separate lanes for different vehicles and the drivers should stick to these lanes.
  • Change your lanes only if you have to overtake some other vehicles or take right turn.
While overtaking, a driver must take the following steps :
  • Check behind on your right and if there is no vehicle approaching you, move to the right side of your lane.
  • Keep a following distance sufficient enough to permit acceleration, signal right and move ahead of the vehicle you have to overtake.
  • After securing sufficient distance from the overtaken vehicle. Signal left and change direction gently.
  • Never overtake a vehicle from left.
  • Never overtake a vehicle which is already overtaking some other vehicle.
  • Follow rules 1 and 2 for right turn.
Learn to Negotiate a Roundabout

Most of the towns and city roads of our country have by and large, crossings; however, there are several roundabouts in our country where there are no traffic lights. Drivers are expected to negotiate them according to their prudence. Apart from beautification, these roundabouts facilitate smooth flow of traffic. So while negotiating a roundabout, follow these rules.

  • While approaching a roundabout, fix your direction and slow down.
  • Take left lane for a left turn. Use central and right lane only for going straight and taking a right turn.
  • Give appropriate signal by hand or through indicator, before taking a turn.
  • Do not use horns unnecessarily.
  • Always give way to the vehicles on your right.
Know Road Signs and Honor Them

For a smooth movement of traffic, certain road signs have been given which must be followed for safe driving.

There are three types of road signs :

  • Mandatory road signs that are circular with one or two bars.
  • Cautionary road signs that are triangular.
  • Informatory road signs that are square shaped or rectangular.
  • For a safe driving, Cautionary road signs are as important as mandatory signs.
Some important Informatory Signs are :

Petrol Pump; Resting Place; Parking; Public Telephone Booth; Hospital etc.

  • You can distinguish these signs through their designs.
  • Follow these signs for a safe and smooth journey.
Understand Traffic Lights and Signals – Be Safe.

Traffic lights and signals are the language of the bad. Be well acquainted with them, and act accordingly, you will be safe. Not following them in put you and other road users in danger. Therefore, understand the meaning of traffic lights and signs.

Traffic Lights :
  • There are three colors in traffic lights.
  • Red light means mandatory stop.
  • Yellow light warns you and tells you to prepare for halt, never try to cross the intersection when the light is yellow.
  • Green means proceed ahead slowly after ensuring that no vehicle is criss-crossing.
Traffic Signals :
  • All drivers must understand the signals of traffic constables and fellow drivers and honor them.
  • Drivers must understand the stop, move, left turn, right turn, go straight or slow down signals of the traffic constable and fellow drivers on the road and act accordingly.
Driving Up A Hill

Driving in hilly areas is a testing time even for seasoned drivers since the topography of hills is extremely different from those of the plains. Hence, while driving in a hilly terrain, you must keep following points in mind :

  • Never overload your vehicle as it can be taxing for your vehicle and can put extra load on steerings.
  • The roads in hilly areas are generally narrow and at many places traffic flows from both directions, Always allow a heavier vehicle or up going vehicle to pass by-down coming vehicles should provide enough room for ascending vehicles.
  • In case of rain, snowfall, landslide or gravel falling situation, stop your vehicle near some wide patch of the road where hills are strong.
  • Do not drive in hilly areas during night hours unless you are in an emergency.
  • Approaching a turn, slow down your vehicle to the level of halt, use horn and then move slowly.
Night Driving

Driving during nights are extremely different from day driving and most of the accidents take place during nights. This is because :

  • Most of the city roads, except highways have lesser movement of traffic. Drivers indulge in over speeding and red light jumping etc. causing accidents.
  • The visibility during nights become less and may lead to accidents.
Hence, while driving during nights you must follow the following rules :
  • Do not indulge in over speeding.
  • Honor all traffic signals and signs.
  • Keep your headlights on but use dipper to see and be seen.
  • Two wheeler drivers, cyclists and pedestrians must use light colored clothes during night to be seen clearly.
  • Do not look at the headlight of an oncoming vehicle.
  • While parking your vehicle during night, make sure that parking lights are on.
Follow Them Too

Besides above conditions, there are several circumstances when a driver is required to react to the situations on the road. So follow them also.

  • Always allow fire brigade, ambulance and police vehicle to pass.
  • Never lit a cigarette while driving or going for refueling at petrol pumps.
  • Never alight from your car on the road side.
  • Allow non-motorized vehicles to pass by as they can not accelerate their speed or maneuver swiftly.
  • Always help pedestrians, handicapped and children in their movement on the road.
  • Never blow your horn unnecessarily. Use it as an emergency device.
  • Do not carry inflammable materials in your vehicles as they can cause loss of life and property in case of accidents.


SL.No. Veh.No. Permit Route
1 TN23N 0608 Sirkali to Mayiladuthurai Via Sembathaniruppu
2 TN23N 0961 Thiruthuraipoondi to Kodiakarai Via Thalagnayar
3 TN29N 0494 Kumbakonam to Chidambaram Via Kachanam
4 TN49N 0305 Kumbakonam to Nagapattinam Via Nannilam
5 TN29N 0493 Kumabakonam to Chidambaram Via Mayiladuthurai
6 TN49N 0352 Sirkali to Chidambaram Via Madhanam
7 TN49N 0397 Koolaiyar to Dharmakulam Via Thirumullaivasal
8 TN49N 0430 Nagapattinam to Thiruthuraipoondi Via Velanganni
9 TN40N 0440 Porayar to Mayiladuthurai Via Akkur
10 TN49N 0445 Kukbakonam to Chidambaram Via Mayiladuthurai
11 TN40N 0446 Thanjavur to Ettukudi Via Nidammangalam
12 TN49N 0459 Kumbakonam to Chidambaram Via Mayiladuthurai
13 TN49N 0483 Vedaraniam to Muthupet Via Thopputhurai
14 TN49N 0489 Thanjavur to Velanganni Via Tiruvarur
15 TN49N 0497 Thanjavur to Chidambaram Via Kumbakonam
16 TN49N 0527 Mayiladuthurai to Porayar
17 TN49N 532 Thanjavur to Chidambaram Via Kumbakonam
18 TN49N 0536 Thiruthuraipoondi to Nagore Via Moahanur
19 TN49N 0540 Thanjavur to Chidambaram Via Kumbakonam
20 TN49N 0543 Nagapattinum to Kodiakarai Via Velankanni
21 TN49N 0549 Nagapattinum to Thiruthuripoondi Via Kelaiyur
22 TN49N 0551 Nagapattinum to Cuddalore Via Mayiladuthurai
23 TN49N 0562 Porayar to Neyvali Via Mayiladuthurai
24 TN49N 0567 Nagapattinum to Vedaranyam Via Velankanni
25 TN49N 0585 Thanjavur to Chidambaram Via Kumbakonam
26 TN49N 0608 Thanjavur to Nagore Via thiruvarur
27 TN49N 0615 Chidambaram to Kumbakonam Via Sirkali
28 TN49N 0626 Nagapattinum to Pattukottai Via Velankanni
29 TN49N 0635 Kumbakonam to Tranqbar Via Komal
30 TN49N 0636 Porayar to Kumbakonam Via Kuttlam
31 TN49N 0640 Kumbakonam to Chidambaram Via Mayiladuthurai
32 TN49N 0650 Mayiladuthurai to Velankanni Via Thitacherry
33 TN49N 0651 Nagapattinum to Ettukudi Via Thirupundi
34 TN49N 0655 Kumbakonam to Chidambaram Via Sirkali
35 TN49N 0676 Mayiladuthurai to Thirupanandal Via Manalmedu
36 TN49N 0692 Porayar to Mayiladuthurai Via sembanarkoil
37 TN49N 0702 Nagapattinum to Thirukuvalai via Melapidagai
38 TN49N 0712 Kumbakonam to Sirkali Via Pandanallur
39 TN49N 0720 Mayiladuthurai to Thirupanandal Via Nidur
40 TN49N 0725 Vedaranyam to Thiruturaipoondi Via Thopputhurai
41 TN49N 0740 Nagore to Vellapallam Via Nagapattinum
42 TN49N 0748 Chidambaram to Palayar Via coleroon
43 TN49N 0755 Mayialduthurai to Poombukar Via Melaiyur
44 TN49N 0768 Kumbakonam to Chidambar Via Mayiladuthurai
45 TN49N 0769 Vedaraniam to Nagapattinam Via Velnaganni
46 TN49N 0776 Kumbakonam to Porayar Via SembanarKoil
47 TN49N 0779 Nagapattinum to Vedaranyam Via Thirupoondi
48 TN49N 0782 Porayar to Vidhachalam Via Mauiladuthruai
49 TN49N 0785 Nagapattinam to Umbalachery Via Tirupoondi
50 TN49N 0789 Nagapttinam to Umbalachery Via Velankanni
51 TN49N 0802 Thiruvaru to Nagapattinam Via Kangalanchery
52 TN49N 0814 Vedaraniam to Nagapattinam Via Velanganni
53 TN49N 0825 Peravurani to nagapattinam Via Pattukottai
54 TN49N 0848 Kumbakonam to Chidambaram Via Mayiladuthurai
55 TN49N 0853 Chidambaram to Kodiakarai Via Tiruvarur
56 TN49N 0862 Chidambaram to Mayiladuthurai Via Sirkali
57 TN49N 0863 Tiruvarur to Chidambaram Via Kumbakonam
58 TN49N 0864 Mayiladuthurai to Velanganni Via Sananallur
59 TN49N 0869 Kumbakonam to Chidmabaram Via Mayiladuthurai
60 TN49N 0870 Chidambaram to Kumbakonam Via Sirkali
61 TN49N 0874 Mayiladuthurai to Chidambaram Via Sirkali
62 TN49N 0875 Kumbakonam to Chidambaram Via Mayiladuthurai
63 TN49N 0876 Thanjavur to Chidambaram Via Mayiladuturai
64 TN49N 0878 Kumbakonam to Nagapattinum Via Nanilam
65 TN49N 0886 Kumbakonam to Porayar Via Manganallur
66 TN49N 0918 Kumbakonam to Chidambaram Via Mayiladuthurai
67 TN49N 0923 Thiruvarur to Chidambaram Via Sannanallur
68 TN49N 0882 Sirkali to Poombuhar Via Vaitheeswarankoil
69 TN49N 0926 Pattukottai to Nagore Via Thiruthuraipoondi
70 TN49N 0929 Kumbakonam to Sirkali Via Thirupanandal
71 TN49N 0930 Chidambaram to Mayiladuthurai Via Sirkali
72 TN49N 0936 Kumbakonam to Velankanni Via Kodavasal
73 TN49N 0945 Thanjavur to Poombuhar Via Kumbakonam
74 TN49N 0957 Velankanni to Thanjavur Via Nagaipattinum
75 TN49N 0974 Mayiladuthurai to Velankanni Via Poonthottum
76 TN49N 0991 Thanjavur to Chidambaram Via Kumbakonam
77 TN49N 0996 Pattukottai to Nagore Via Velankanni
78 TN49N 1013 Kumbakonam to Sirkali Via Thirupanandal
79 TN49N 1030 Mayiladuthurai to Virudhachalam Via Kuttalam
80 TN49N 1031 Nagapattinum to Kumbakonam Via Thittachery
81 TN49N 1042 Nagapattinum to Kodiakarai Via velanganni
82 TN49N 1063 Velanakanni to Thanjavur Via Thiruvarur
83 TN49N 1071 Kumbakonam to Chidambaram Via Mayiladuthuria
84 TN49N 1104 Mayiladuthurai to Kattumanargudi Via Kuttalam
85 TN49N 1106 Mayiladuthurai to Chidambaram Via Sirkali
86 TN49N 1109 Mayiladuthurai to Chidambaram Via Sirkali
87 TN49N 1119 Chidambaram to Mayiladuthurai Via Sirkali
88 TN57N 0405 Pattukottai to Nagore Via Tiruthuraipoondi
SL.No. Veh.No. Permit Route
1 TCB 757 Nannilam to Nagore Via Thirumarugal
2 TN23N 0639 Sirkali to Vadarangam Via Madhirivelur
3 TN23N 640 Mayiladuthurai to Mudikondan Via Nidur
4 TN29N 0476 Nagore to Velanganni Via Nagapattinam
5 TN29N 0478 Sirkali B.S to Chidambaram Via Kollidam
6 TN29N 0495 Sirkali B.S to Thiruchitrampalam Via Pattavarthy
7 TN32N 0317 Mayiladuthurai to Thiruvenkadu Via Nagankudi
8 TN32N 0340 Mayiladuthurai Junction to Arupathi Via Anathandapuram
9 TN32N 0347 Sirkali to Chidambaram Via Puthur
10 TN45N 0190 Sirkali B.S to Koolaiur Via Thirumullaivasal
11 TN45N 0385 Sirkali B.S to Koolaiyur Via Thirumullaivasal
12 TN49N 0244 Mayiladuthurai to Pernthottam Via Manakudi
13 TN49N 0310 Nagapattinam to Thirukannapuram Via Nagore
14 TN49N 0326 Sirkali to Chidambaram Via Kollidam
15 TN49N 0330 Sirkali to Tranqubar Via Thirukadaiyur
16 TN49N 0388 Tiruvarur B.S to Valivalam High School Via Kilvelur
17 TN49N 0394 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Nakkambadi Via Malliam
18 TN49N 0405 Sirkali to Thirumullaivasal Via Keeranallur
19 TN49N 0418 Mayiladuthurai Junction to Chinnangudi Via Akkur
20 TN49N 0420 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Kuttalam Panchayat-U-Office
21 TN49N 0429 Vedaraniyam B.S to Thiruthuraipoondi Santhaipet Via Neivilaku
22 TN49N 0435 Chidambaram to Tharkadu Via Kollidam
23 TN49N 0436 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Pappakudi Via Nidur
24 TN49N 0438 Sirkali to Mahendapalli Via Kollidam
25 TN49N 0439 Mayiladuthurai to Palayakudalur Via Vallam
26 TN49N 0444 Nagore to Periyathumbur Via Nagapattinam
27 TN49N 0455 Velankanni to Nagore Via Akkaraipttai
28 TN49N 0461 Sirkali to Thirumullaivasal Via Vadakkal
29 TN49N 0466 Thiruthuraipoondi to Thiruvarur Via Katchanam,
30 TN49N 0468 Vedaraniyam to Ayakkaranpulam Via Kuravapulam
31 TN49N 0471 Nagore Palathadi to Kilvelur Via Nagapattinam
32 TN49N 0475 Nagore to Thittacherry Via Muttam
33 TN49N 0476 Nagore to Thevur Via Sikkal
34 TN49N 0477 Mayiladuthurai Janction to Kuruchi Via Nidur
35 TN49N 0487 Mayiladuhturai to Vanagiri Via Sembanarkoil
36 TN49N 0490 Thiruvarur B.S  to Nagore Via Kangalancherry
37 TN49N 0491 Mayiladuthurai to Chinnangudi Via Mannampandal
38 TN49N 0492 Mayiladuhturai B.S to Poombukar Via Keelaiyur
39 TN49N 0493 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Serugadambanur Via Kuttalam
40 TN49N 0498 Sirkali to Panankattankudi Via Thennalakudi
41 TN49N 0500 Nagapattinam to Thiruvarur  Via Kilvelur
42 TN49N 0501 Mayiladuthurai to Varathampattu Via Pattavarthi
43 TN49N 0504 Vadaraniyam  B.S to Thalainayar Via Thopputhurai
44 TN49N 0511 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Thiumanancherry Via Kuttalam
45 TN49N 0515 Sirkali to Mayiladuthurai Via Vaitheeswarankoil
46 TN49N 0541 Velippalayam to Sholavithiyapuram Via Pappakoil
47 TN49N 0542 Nagapattinam to Karapidagai Via Thirupoondi
48 TN49N 0559 Mayiladuthurai Junction to Manalmedu Via Nidur
49 TN49N 0566 Mayiladuthurai to Aduhurai Via Kuttalam
50 TN49N 0569 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Teachey Trainnig School Via Nedur
51 TN49N 0499 Mayiladuthurai to Melaiyur Via Keelaiyur
52 TN49N 0578 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Tranqubar Via Mannampandal
53 TN49N 0579 Mayiladuthurai to Poombukar Via Manakudi
54 TN49N 0588 Mayiladuthurai to Murugamangalam Via Poonur
55 TN49N 0589 Nagore to Velankanni Church Via Nagapattinam
56 TN49N 0592 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Manalmedu Via Mappadugai
57 TN49N 0593 Mayiladuthurai B.S  to Perambur Via Elanthankudi
58 TN49N 0597 Mayiladuthurai Junction to Sirkali Via Senthankudi
59 TN49N 0606 Nagapattinam B.S to Palakuruchi Via Sikkal
60 TN49N 0620 Sirkali to Chidambaram Via Kollidam
61 TN49N 0624 Mayiladuthurai Junction to Melayur Via Moongithottam
62 TN49N 0629 Thiruvarur to Nagapattinam Via Kilvelur
63 TN49N 0652 Nagapattinam B.S to Vellapallam Via velanganni
64 TN49N 0657 Kumbakonam to Kadampankulam Via Thirupavanam
65 TN49N 0679 Kumbakonam to Komal Via Aduthurai
66 TN49N 0700 Sirkali B.S to Vanagiri Vai Sattanathapuram
67 TN49N 0758 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Paalaiyur Via Komal
68 TN49N 0770 Mayildathurai B.S to  Kollapuram Via Peralam
69 TN49N 0805 Thiruthuraipoondi to Thalainayar Via Katchanam
70 TN49N 0807 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Porayar Via Mannampandal
71 TN49N 0838 Mayiladuthurai Junction to Vadakkarai Via Dharmapuram
72 TN49N 0908 Sirkali B.S to Poombukar Via Mangaimadam
73 TN49N 0976 Mayiladuthurai Junction to Thirukkadaiyur Via Sembanarkoil
74 TN49N 0978 Sirkali to Poombukar Via Mangaimadam
75 TN49N 0994 Mayiladuthurai to Korkari Via Nidur
76 TN49N 0999 Nagore to Sannanallur Via Thittacherry
77 TN49N 1003 Vedaraniyam  to Kattimedu Via Kariyapattinam
78 TN49N 1041 Sirkali to Chidambaram Via Arasur
79 TN49N 1044 Nagore to Velankkani Via Nagapattinam
80 TN49N 1059 Nagapattinam to Thiruvarur Via Kilvelur
81 TN49N 1062 Mayiladuthurai to Kattucherry Via Sembanarkoil
82 TN49N 1175 Vedaraniyam to Thiruthuraipoondi Via Neivelakku
83 TN49N 1176 Thirutrhuraipoondi to Oradiambalam Via Pandi
84 TN49N 1177 Sirkali B.S to Poombukar Via Thiruvenkadu
85 TN49N 1187 Poorayar to Mayiladuthurai Via Thillaiyadi
86 TN49N 1188 Nagore to Velankanni Church Vioa Kadambadi
87 TN49N 1189 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Poombukar Via Dharmapuram
88 TN49N 0388 Mayiladuthurai to Pandanallur Via Kuttalam
89 TN49N 0404 Sirkali B.S to Chidambaram Via Arasur
90 TN49N 0473 Chidambaram to Vadarangam Via Kollidam
SL.No. Veh.No. Permit Route
1 TN51 9797 Nagapattinum B.S. to Vilundhamavadi Via Velangudi
2 TN51V 2535 Sirkali B.S to Palayar Via Semmankudi
3 TN51Y 4646 Mayiladuthurai Junction to Nakkambadi Via Manganallur
4 TN51V 4011 Mayiladuthurai B.S  to Thirunagari Via Kidarankondan
5 TN49X  4884 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Nangur Via Mannampandal
6 TN51W 6464 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Anaikarai Via Kuthalam
7 TN55D 4041 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Porayar Via Thirukadaiyur
8 TN49M 2020 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Thirupanandal Via Mappadugai
9 TN51W 2020 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Thirupanandal Via Kuthalam
10 TN51W 0196 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Asuthurai Via Kuthalam
11 TN51B 5151 Nagapattinam B.S to Sannanallur Via Nagore
12 TN50A 7677 Nanilam B.S to Nagore Via Sannanallur
13 TN51X 2304 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Karuppur Via Malliyam
14 TN51B 2255 Sirkali to Poombukar Via Mangaimadam
15 TN55A 6399 Sirkali B.S to Mahendapalli Via Arasur
16 TN51V 9559 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Ayapadi Via Manganallur
17 TN63Z 3456 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Sirkali Via Pattavarthy
18 TN63Y 2787 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Kadalangudi Via Nidur
19 TN51W 0711 Mayiladuthurai B.S to Ayapadi Via Sembanarkoil
20 TN63Z 8889 Sirkali B.S to Vadarangam
SL.No. Veh.No. Permit Route
1 TN51B 0104 Thiruthuraipoondi to Vettaikaraniruppu Via Karttimedu
2 TN40B 3953 Umbalachery to Nagore Via Pamani
3 TN51A 7272 Nagapattinam to Vedaranjam Via Velanganni
4 TN49E 3056 Pattukottai to Nagore Via Muthupet
5 TN32Y 5355 Kumabakonam to Chidambaram Via Sholapuram
6 TN51V 9090 Sirkali to Alkudi Via Edamanal
7 TN51V 4444 Thiruvarur to Chidambaram Via Andipandal
8 TN51V 4574 Chidambaram to Kumbakonal Via Sirkali
9 TN51Y 7618 Manalmedu to 103 Pudukudi Via Thirupanandal
10 TN50A 2011 Thiruthuraipoondi to Kodikarai Via Kattimedu
11 TN51B 3981 Kodiakarai to Nagaore Via Vedaraniam
12 TN51Y 5464 Sirkali to Nalladai Via Alivilagam
13 TN31U 3447 Poonthotam to Chidambaram Via Peralam
14 TN51Y 4646 Sirkali to Narasinagampettai Via Allivilagam
15 TN45J 7566 Chidambaram to Kumbakonal Via Sirkali
16 TN51B 0155 Pattukottai to Nagapattinam Via Muthupettai
17 TN49C 8177 Perunthottam to Mayiladuthurai Via Thiruvenkadu
18 TN51B 2727 Nagore to Pattukottai Via Nagapattinam
19 TN51V 8082 Palayar to Konayampattinam Via Madhanam
20 TN51W 9797 Chidambaram to Kumabakonam Via Mayiladuthurai
21 TN51V 7677 Chidambaram to Thiruvidaimarudhur Via Sirkali
22 TN58B 1577 Nagapattinum to Kumbakonam Via Thittacherry
23 TN49H 6827 Nagore to Pattukottai Via Nagapattinam
24 TN49E 7474 Adirampattinam to nagore Via Pattukottai
25 TN51A 1166 Nagore to Erayankudi Via Nagapattinam
26 TN63X 0405 Kumbakonam to Chidambaram Via Velanganni
27 TN58C 3418 Nagapattinam to Vedaraniam Via Velanganni
28 TN49V 8182 Chidambaram to Thiruvarur Via Sirkali
29 TN49J 7799 Pattukottai to nagore Via Muthupet
30 TN51A 8686 Nagore to Vedaraniam Via Nagaspattinam
31 TN51Y 8090 Kumbakonam to Sirkali Via Aduthuirai
32 TN51V 9145 Madhavamedu to Thanjavur Via Pudupattinam
33 TN47C 5999 Porayar to Sirkali Via Thirukalachery
34 TN51V 5152 Kumbakonam to Porayar Via Aduthurai
35 TN51V 5329 Thanjavur to Mahendrapalli Via Ayyampettai
36 TN51H 7777 Mayiladuthurai to Thanjavur Via Kumbakonam
37 TN63Y 2125 Kumbakonam to Chidambaram Via Aduthurai
38 TN31U 3344 Kumbakonam to Chidambaram Via Aduthurai
39 TN49X 7618 LowerAnaicut to Sirkali Via Pandanallur
40 TN51Z 0374 Senbagasrayallur to Vellapallam Via Kathiripulam
41 TN51 6606 Thiruthuraipoondi to Thopputhurai Via Voimedu
42 TN63Y 0796 Kodiakarai to Nagai Via Vedaraniam
43 TN25B 5106 Kumabakonam to Chidambaram Via Thirupanandal
44 TN60F 1000 Thiruthuraipoondi to Nagore Via Kattimedu
45 TN49X 8199 Swamimalai to Chidambaram Via Kumbakonam
46 TN51W 9889 Swamimalai to Poombuhar Via Kumbakonam
47 TN49U 0621 Kumbakonam to Nagapattinam Via Mathur
48 TN50 7851 Nagore to Sethubavachatram Via Nagapattinam
49 TN51Y 6487 Sirkali to Alakudi Via Edamanal
SL.No. Veh.No. Permit Route
1 PY02B 7227 Sankaranpandal to Velanganni Via Thirukalachery
2 TN50 3132 Kodikalpalayam to Karaikal Via Thiruvarur
3 TN49D 6440 Thiruthuraipoondi to Mayiladuthurai Via Nagapattinum
Mini Bus
SL.No. Veh.No. Permit Route
1 TN 51W 2040 Melapathi to Parambur Via Skoil,Kadakam
2 TN 51W 2223 Thiruvilanthur to Sellakoil Via Vettarcrossroad
3 TCQ 8989 Thalanthiruvasal to VellapallumRoad Via Koilpathu
4 TN51W 4555 Sirkali Busstand to Pallayapalayum Via Villinallur
5 TN51Y 3699 Sirkali Busstand to Kollidam Via Pullichakadu
6 TN51B 3553 Mappadugaigate to Kodamkudi Via Koranadu
7 TN51W 3497 Semnarkoil Mellamukkutu to Akkur Via Mathur
8 TN51W 3600 Vallum to Mathur Via Semnarkoil
9 TN57Z 4251 Thirukadayur to Majalaaru Via Semnarkoil
10 TN09K 8377 Sirkali KollidamCrossRoad to Arasur Via Pattavilagam
11 TN45Y 9412 Thirumullaivasal to KooliaiyurKarathi Via Vellakulam
12 TN51 7799 AvaraiKadu to Karrupakulam Via Kadinakulam
13 TN51B 0131 Semanarkoil to Kadakam Via Vadagarai
14 TCU 8844 VetharanyamB.S. to Nalluvethapathi Via
15 TDF 6991 VelankanniB.S. to Thevur Via Paravai
16 TIL 7439 Paravai to Thevur Via Niruthanamandabam
17 TN63 2009 VetharanyamB.S. to Nalluvethapathi Via Thopputhurai
18 TN59N 8366 Rathamangalam to Mungilkudi Via Thevur
19 TN57Z 0786 Ettukudi to Thirunallikavur Via Thirukuvalai
20 TN51 4993 Thirupundi Achakarai to Vettaikaraneruppu Via Kameshvaram
21 TN-57 2851 AyakarapulamBazar to Vaimedu Via Panjanathipuram
22 TN45D 5455 VetharanyamB.S. to AyakarapulamBazar Via Kankamkadu
23 TN51A 7799 ThirumaurgalBazar to KilVellur Via Kilabuthalur
24 TN09Y 8187 SirkaliKollidamMukkutu to Kothiyampettai Via Kovilpathu
25 TN45N 0032 VetharanyamB.S. to PachanathikolamONGCRoad
26 TN28X 0777 Thirukadayur to Poraiyar Via Annakoil
27 TN41Y 9559 Thozuthur to Thirutharaipoondi Via Maracherry
28 TAK 5999 Kollidam to Nallur Via Managampattu
29 TN60 2745 Kollidam to Allkudi Via Managampattu
30 TN51/V 0595 AkkurB.S. to AkkurMokkutu Via Maruthampallam
31 TDO 5454 Kollakudi to Mongudi Via Maracherry
32 TN59N 0328 Vettakaraierrupur to Melapidagai Via Pudhupalli
33 TN59N 0220 Arukatuthurai to Kadinavayal Via Thopputhurai
34 TN51Y 6678 MayiladuthuraiR.J to Kalukanimuttam Via Mayiladuthurai B.S
35 TN25 5115 Tranqubar to Sangarapandal Via Poraiyar
36 TN51Z 6161 VetharanyamB.S. to Koravakulam Via Thopputhurai
37 TCA 2324 T.T.PoondiThillikulamPillayarKoil B.S  to Puthur Via Pamani
38 TCA 1698 VelankanniMathaTheatre to VettakaraneruppurSchool via V.M.D
39 TAF 5488 Veerankudikadu to Thevur Via paravai
40 TN72N 0187 VetharanyamB.S. to Kathripulam Via Nathapallam
41 TN28X 0505 Vetharanyam B.S. to KathripulamNaalRoad Via Thethakudi
42 TN51 5353 Vetharanyam B.S. to Nalluvethapathi55Kal Via Earikarai
43 TN01N 0890 Nalluvethapathi to Thalainayur Via Vellapallum
44 TCU 9876 Barrunaban to Panagkattur Via Kuttalam
45 TMN 2795 Kothankudi to Thirukuvalai Via Palayamkudi
46 TN59N 0366 MoongilKudi to Rathamangalam Via Kadambakudi
47 TN45B 2199 Thakatoor to AayakaranbulamBazar Via Thennadar
48 TN51Y 6262 Kollidam to Vadarangam Via keerankudi
49 TAO 0666 VellankanniB.S. to Palakurichi Via Chinnathambur
50 TN41Y 7376 AyakarambulamBazar to VetharanyamB.S., Via Aathanur
51 TN49N 0201 Umbalacherry to Aayakarambulam Via Kariyapattinum
52 TDR 7176 Mayiladuthurai B.s. to Kiliyanur Via manjalar
53 TN01N 0635 Athanur to Aarukattuthurai Via kovilvalam
54 TN59N 0094 VetharanyamGHSS to Pushpavanamkothakadu Via VedaranyamB.S
55 TN59N 0396 Velankannichurch to Thevur Via paravainallur
56 TN59N 0149 Nagapattinum to Koohur Via NagaiOldB.S.
57 TAL 7439 VelankanniB.S. to Vettaikarairuppu Via  poovathadi
58 TN45N 0466 VetharanyamB.S.  to Chettykulam Via Neyivillaku
59 TAN 2709 Thirukadayur Vellaiammai Arch to PoraiyarSrinivasatheatre
60 TN31T 3545 SirkaliOldBS to Keethiyampettai Via Arasur
61 TN51N 0192 VetharanyamB.S. to Eravaikadu Via Thethakudi
62 TN51 5961 Kuttalam to Thirumancherry Via Anjarathakarai
63 TN63Z 3366 Thiruvankadu to Konayampattinam Via mangaimadam
64 TN59N 0191 NagapattinumKotaivasal to Ayimazahi Via puthur
65 TN57Z 0750 Kuttalam to Kali Via Anjalaru
66 TN29N 0313 Nagore to Thittacherrynadukadu Via Vanjur
67 TN23A 9859 ThiruvilanthurRamarKoil to Kaduvakudi Via kalukanimuttam
68 TN59N 0466 Nagapattinum PuthuB.S. to Vadakarai Via Puthur
69 TAQ 3355 Nagapattinum H.D. G.H. to Vadakarai Via Thethi
70 TN51W 8411 Thirunandriyur to sellakoil Via Aalavizhi
71 TN31C 5555 Tharangapadi to Sangarapandal Via Poraiyar
72 TN55C 3161 Kollidammukkutu to Valluvokudi Via Neemeli
73 TN27N 0280 MayiladuthuraiD.R.VarathachariyarPark to Perambur Via kiliyanur
74 TN51V 2112 Perumalpettai to Manikampangu Via Poraiyar
75 TN45A  2500 Mayiladuthurai B.S.(outer) to Muthur Via Srinivasapuram
76 TN51B 0275 Sirkali B.S. to Kadamurutti Via Thittai
77 TAP 1122 Naluvedhapathi55kal to Vizhuthamavadi via vellapallum
78 TN31N 0040 Mayiladuthurai NewB.S. to MuthuMukkutu Via Srinivasapuram
79 TN27N 0073 Mayiladuthuraikathariyapallivasal to Aanathandavaram Via manakudi
80 TN23X 3947 Koranadu to Komal Via sitharkadu
81 TN31B 7670 Koolidam to Sirkalikollidammukkutu  Via Aandikootam
82 TN25 7909 Palaiyur to manaloor Via Nakkampadi
83 TN29N 0361 Melapidagai to Thirukuvalai Via Meenambanallur
84 TN51W 4856 Mayiladuthurai L.VilasBank to Kanniyanatham Via Mappadugai
85 TN07F 8005 Thalachankadu to MaruthapallamSchool Via Akkur
86 TN25B 6837 Theiruvenkadu to Vanagiri Via Neithavasal
87 TN51V 0091 KuthalamParkRoad to Kali Via Anjalaathankarai
88 TN51 3479 Chettikulam to VetharanyamB.S. Via KathriPulam
89 TN51W 1903 Ananthandavaram to MayiladuthuraiG.H. Via Mozhaiyur
90 TN31N 0154 Kollidam to Mahendarapalli Via Muthalaimedu
91 TN51B 2992 Poraiyar to Manickampangu Via Tanqubar
92 TN32Y 3987 Thennalkudi to Mangaimadam Via keezhasalai
93 TN51B 9099 Azhagambalpuram End to VagalharijanaStreet Via Keelaveethi
94 TN29N 0166 Keelamugavakarai to sembathaniruppu Via Thiruvankadu
95 TN51V 3071 Mayiladuthuraisundaramtheatre to Komal Via sitharkadu
96 TN51B 3061 MayiladuthuraiB.S. to SembanarkoilMukuttu Via Poombukar
97 TN69B 5959 SirkaliFireService to Punganurkoil Via Vizhalur
98 TN51 9094 Sirkali S.P.Puram X Road to Sempathirupu Via sandaputhur
99 TN59F 0117 Kuttalam to Nachinarkudi Via kootur
100 TLS 0889 Kollumangudi to komal Via pillur
101 TMW 5999 Avaraukadu to Ayakarankulam Via chettikulam
102 TN59N 0001 Sannanallur to Purakkudi Via athalayur
103 TN23Y 9927 Mayiladuthurai G.H. to Anathandavapuram Via Thiruvilandur
104 TN41W 6841 Kumaranatham to Dhamanathapuram Via maravathur
105 TN41D 1888 Thittai X Road to Vadisalai pirivu Via Thittai
106 TN51B 9099 Thiruvilangadu to Paravaikarai Via Thiruvaduthurai
107 TN51Y 7989 SembanarkoilKilamukkutu to Vettaru Bridge Via Padugasalai
108 TN43 5910 SirkaliKollidamCrossRoad to Eruvakovil Via madhanam
109 TN51A 9160 VetharanyamB.S. to Naluvethapathi55Kal Via Thoputhurai
110 TN51V 3519 Mayiladuthurai Lalbahathru to Vadaikarai Via Dharmapuram
111 TDM 7552 Mayiladuthurai B.S. to Sembanarkoil Via Manakudi
112 TN51B 3537 Komal to Peralam Via kilianur
113 TN49Y 4774 Pappakudi to ceepuliyur Via Manalmedu
114 TN27N 0279 Vedaranyam to Nagakudaiyan Via Thopputhurai
115 TN51V 3474 Mayiladuthurai NewBridge to poyigaikudi Via Nidur
116 TN02B 3155 Northpalpannaicherry to Kivelurpolicstation Via kadambalur
117 TN49N 0328 PamaniAathimadai to Thiagarajapuram Via Nathapallum
118 TN31N 0020 Mayiladuthurai P.Office to Sembanarkoil Via manakudi
119 TN55A 5653 Mayiladuhurai H.P.Office to vanathirajapuram Via Moovalur
120 TMN 6948 Semiyanallur to Gannakattupadugai Via perambur
121 TAS 5585 Nagai NewB.S. to Kogoor Via Manjalollai
122 TN31A 5569 Poraiyar to Vepancherry Via Tharangapadi
123 TN22C 0779 Panakattankudi to KurichiMelaStreet Via pattavarthi
124 GDS 2146 Mayialduthurai H.Post.Office to Vanathipuram  Via Sitharkadu
124 TN59N 0303 Arasur to Ellamthoppu pattivilagam
125 TN51B 3343 Mayiladuthurai B.S. to Kali Via Niur
126 TN63A 5832 Poraiyar to Thirukadayur Via Thillaiyadi
127 TN33P 1307 Mayiladuthurai B.S. to Vanathirajapuram Via Chittarkadu
128 TN07F 8005 Akkur B.S. to Chinnakudi Via kumarakudi
129 TN51W 2040 Mayiladuthurai Varathachariyar Park to Kadali Via Killliyanur
130 TN51Y 6678 Karucizhandmathapuram Arch to Poombukar MeenavarKuppam
131 TN51V 4510 SembanarKoil to Kandamangalam PUE School Via Maharajapuram
132 TN51V 46662 Mayiladuthurai Municipal park to Killiyanur Via Manjalur
133 TN51V 4612 Kuttalam B.S. to Nachinarkudi Via kootam,Kuttur
134 TN45N 0432 Nagai NorthKottaivasal to Azhaimalai Via sikkal
135 TN31B 0920 Manalmedu to Marathurai Via Athur
136 TN72B 8752 Sirkalikollidammukkutu to kumaranmandapamkoil Via pattavilagam
137 TN45H 1755 Mayiladuthurai B.S. to permabur Bridge Via Kadakam
138 TN46A 4798 Sirkali Thandalam Stop to kunam Via patharagudi
139 TN51B 9099 KuttalamB.S. to puthur Via Kathirimoolai 
140 TN51Y 4213 VanagiriEllaiammanKoil to karuvelanthanpuram Via Vanagiri
141 TN57B 6798 Mayiladuthurai B.S. to Vanathirajapuram Via Sitharkadu
142 TN02A 4500 Mangaimadam to Sembanarkoil Via Maharajapuram
143 TN27N 0130 Mayiladuthurai B.S. to SembanarkoilB.S. Via Manakudi
144 TN49N 0306 Velankanni B.S. to Peruthalakudi Via Vadavur
145 TN27N 0294 Sirkali Durga Tharka to Kondal Via Thirukoil
146 TN59N 0595 ThandalanKoil to Mathirivalur Via Arasur
147 TN51V 5536 Kidarakondam to Kiliyanur B.S. Via Nalladai
148 TN25B 8542 Radhanallur to Vanagiri Via kodakadu
149 TN51B 8607 Mayiladuthurai B.S. to Korkai Via Nidur