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District Industrial Centre
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Residence: 251085
District Collectorate

Tourism Boat on Fishing Plays a Key Economy for the District even though Agriculture and Fishing are the Major ones. Shrines, Places of Hindu Faith, Mosques forms the Spritual Tourism for the district. Annual Festivals and functions marks glory of the Year. Heritages like Tarangam padi Fort, Poompuhar speaks of the rich civilization of this land. 

One Agriculture Fieldof the major economies of the District, Agriculture contributes a higher share of Rice Production in the State.We have raised so many important agricultural crop in our District. Rice, Groundnut, Pulses, Gingelly, Sugarcane and Cotton.  

Fishing Catched Fish - moving out along with Para marine activities like Dry fish ,Prawn farming constitues the second Major economy for the district. The marine ecosystem provides mankind with food, medicines, industrial products and pleasure. 

District Industries Centre

The Objective of the DIC is to provide assistance under one roof to the entrepreneurs. The DIC, Nagapattinam is functioning in Nagapattinam District with effect from 01.11.1991 consequent on the bifurcation of Erstwhile Thanjavur District. The District Industries Centre is functioning under the administrative control of the Director of Industries and commerce Chennai Government of Tamil Nadu. The following services/ assistance are available to public.

  1. P.M.R.Y. Loan Scheme for the unemployed Educated Youth.
  2. Issue of Provisional SSI Registration through on line/ Manual
  3. Issue of Permanent SSI Registration
  4. Export Guidance cell
  5. New Anna Marumalarchi Thittam starting of agro Based Industries in all the Blocks
  6. Assistance to get statuoary clearance from Local body Pollution Control .Board, and Health etc.,Under single window clearance system.
  7. Formation of Industrial Co-operative Societies.
  8. Cottage Industries Registration.
  9. Handicraft Industries Registration.
  10. Sanction of subsidies to eligible registered SSI.
  11. To recommend KVIC application to Banks Having Population of 20,000 People in rural areas.
  12. Industrial Facilitation Recovery council To help industrialist for the recovery of the dues.


    Must have Passed VIII Std
    Income Limit
    Family Income should be within Rs.40,000/- PA
    Age Limit
    Age 18 to 35 relax able up to 10 years in the eager of SC/ST/P.H/Women/ Ex-Servicemen
    Should resided not less than three year in the area
    For Industry and Service activities
    Two lakhs
    For Business activities
    One lakh. (Maximum of Rs Ten lakhs are allowed for joint venture (up to five persons)
    15% of the Project Cost or Rs.7,500 which ever is less.
    Margin By entrepreneur
    5% to 16.25%
    no Security is need

Name AVAICE Computers
Address 60, Hospital Road, Velipppalayam Nagapattinam
Properitor Senthilnathan . K
Name of the Bank Former Bank of Madura
Loan Amount RS. 1 Lakh
Nature og Computer Training, Software Development, Sales and Service
SSI No. 182201901 PMT Dated 18/03/1997
Description Started on 5 MAY 1995 with 1 Computer, 1 Printer and a Stabilizer for training 5 students.
Now it is having 10 computers with 85 students.


    Qualification [Technical]
    Self Help Group Members/ ITI/ Polytechnic Diploma Holders / Community Polytechnic Certificate holders B.Sc., Computers Science, Information Technology, Computer application etc, .Paramedical degree/Diploma laboratory technicians etc.,
    Qualification [Academic]
    VIII Std., Passed and above
    Above 18 Years [18 - 45]
    No.of Candidates to be traineed in each Year
    Duration of training
    7 (Seven) days
    Rs.280/-candidate(Rs.40 Per day)

PMRY 100 115
PMRY 100 100
300SELF HELP GROUP 100 100


SSI Having the investment limit up to 100 lakhs in plant a nd machinery are eligible to get this certificate. Applications are available on Payment of cost of Rs.20/- only (By Manual at Office) On line Registration also available to get Provisional SSI Certificates on Payment of Rs.50/- at the flowing browsing Centres in Nagapattinam district.


AGRO BASED INDUSTRIES AT RS.1.00 CRORE IN EACH OF THE 385 BLOCKS IN TAMILNADU The government of tamilnadu is keen on promoting industrial investment in rural areas under Small-scale sector particularly on agro-based industries in order to have employment generation in rural areas. Having understood the fact that the engine of industrial growth lies in iron agro-Business Sector, The Government have announced a scheme called New Anna Marumalarchi Thittam wherein setting up of agro based industries in all the 385 blocks of the state would be entitled for a subsides of 15% of investment made on Machinery and Plant value not exceeding Rs.15 lakhs per block. Such units would also be entitled for power subsidy at the rate of 30%, 20% and 10% for first 3Yrs respectively. Unit purchasing Generator would attract subsidy at the rate of 15% not exceeding Rs.5 lakhs. Also the units employing more than 50% of the total workers as women would enjoy an additional 5% subsidy not exceeding Rs.5lakhs. The financial assistance of the scheme would be provided by TIIC and the interest rate would be of 4% over and above the primary lending rate (PLR).

  1. Pearl
  2. Milky Mushroom
  3. Sugarcane and Jaggary
  4. Poultry Feed
  5. Flour Products
  6. Germinated Cereal
  7. Vermicilli
  8. Banana Chips
  1. Mango pulp
  2. Cashew processing
  3. Cashew pulp Juice
  4. Sago-Medical Product
  5. Tomato Sauce
  6. Drumstick powder
  7. Aromatics
  8. Natural dyes
  9. Jatropha fuel oil
  1. Paradise oil
  2. Groundnut product
  3. Tamarind paste
  4. Egg powder
  5. Products from plant roots
  6. Oilseeds
  7. Bilfertilizer
  8. Composite manure
  9. Agro training Institute
  10. Poultry & Cattle feed

The scheme contemplates of the development of Agro-based industries including processing of Horticulture produce, flower based extracts, coir food processing industries covering areas lime

The entrepreneurs venturing to start Agro-based industries will be given priority in getting power connection, allotment of land and shed in SIPCOT, SIDCO, and industrial Co-operative Society. The entrepreneurs under the scheme should bring in margin Money to the true of 20% of the project cost.

The projects covered under the scheme will be given with special priority in granting the subsidies. The projects at district level will be monitored be a Committee under the Chairmanship of District Collector.

The entrepreneurs who are willing to take up to venture under “NEW ANNA MARUMALARCHI THITTAM" should file the application in the prescribed format to General Manager, District Industries Centre.



All permanently registered new SSI units are eligible for state capital subsidy 0f 15% and 20% on the eligible value of fixed assets subject to a maximun of Rs. 15 Lakhs or Rs.20 Lakhs based on the area of starting Industries ie., Either in backward area or most backwarde area as per G.O.MS.No.149Industries MIG II Dept.Dated 1.4.91.


Irespective of location all permanently registered SSI Units are eligible for low tension power tariff subsidy if they use industrial power tariff for their units. This is eligible for total current consumption charges used by the small scall industries units for 3 Years at the rate of 40%, 30% & 20% of their current consumption charges for their SSI units.

The government letter No.4927/SIB/96-11 dated 12-2-1998 from the secretary to government small industries department . (SIB)Chennai 9 has started that no SSI unit are eligible for LTPT subsidy if the units are situated in the area covered under Tamilnadu Urban Land (ceiling and regulation) Act 1978 and Tamilnadu Urban land Tax amended Act 1991.

Based on the instructions laid down in the Government o rder the following villages are not eligible to obtain LTPT subsidy in Mailaduthurai, Nagapattinam District.

  1. Mailaduthurai
  2. Vellala agaram
  3. Mannampandal
  4. Komad
  5. Pandaravadai
  6. vattamangalam
  7. Mapathagaipagam
  8. Sitharkkadu

Irespective of area all newly purchase installed and used for industrial purpose generators a maximum of Rs. 5 lakhs they should apply for this within one year from the date of purchase are installation of generator .

Statement of pending cases as on 27.02.2001.
Sl. No. Name of the Unit File Number Amount (Rs.)
1 M/s Kavitha Ice Plant II , Nagapattinam 1212/01 26,736.00
2 M/s Chola Poly Products, Nagapattinam 1213/01 11,593.00
3 M/s Ezhil Ice Plant, Nagapattinam 3337/01 39,284.00
4 M/s Sri Shanthi Poly Products, Sirkali 3722/01 4,524.00
5 M/s Devi Ice Factary, Sirkali 3822/01 4,464.00
6 M/s Poombukar Flour Mill Vedharanyam 4162/01 2,433.00
7 M/s Sri Nataraja Ice Factory Sirkali 4235/01 68,975.00
8 M/s Sara Packaging Industries, Sirkali 4236/01 14,000.00
9 M/s Ezhil Ice Plant, Nagapattinam 4237/01 78,212.00
10 M/s Premier enterprises, Nagapattinam 4297/01 83,408.00
11 M/s Poombukar Enterprises, Poombukar, Sirkali 4298/01 12,003.00
12 M/s Coastal Ice company, Tharangambadi 4299/01 13,889.00
13 M/s Chola poly products, Nagapattinam 4300/01 9,650.00
14 M/s SarathamRamaiah, Vedharanyam 4447/01 1,387.00
15 M/s SriBalaji Modern Rice mill, Kilvelur 4800/01 50,467.00
16 M/s Premier Enterprises, Nagapattinam 118/02 81,582.00
17 M/s Ezhil Ice Plant, Nagapattinam 260/02 81,117.00
18 M/s Dhanalakshmi , Mayiladuthurai 262/02 2,958.00
19 M/s Devi Ice factory, Sirkali 338/02 14,695.00
20 M/s SriBalaji Modern Rice mill, Kilvelur 369/02 91,497.00
21 M/s SriRam minarls, 473/02 2,159.00
22 M/s Sara Packaging industries, Sirkali 885/02 6,724.00
23 M/s Poombuhar flour mill, Vedharanyam 886/02 2,866.00
24 M/s Aravinth IcePlant, Sirkali 888/02 10,762.00
25 M/s Devi Ice factory, Sirkali 1825/02 9,479.00
26 M/s Viswakarama Saw mill Nagapattinam 2562/02 2,235.00
27 M/s Senthil Rice Mill Sirkali 2913/02 4,153.00

KVIC (REGP) Margin money Assistance Scheme

  1. Population below 20,000 in that particular village.
  2. No education and age limitations.
  3. Mineral Based products
  4. Chemical & Polymers
  5. Forest
  6. Engineering Industries.